Fax Live Dashboard

Modern, Easy to Use Interface

Fax.Live was built around the concept that faxing should be as easy as email. Designed with that in mind – we created Fax.Live to be simple, intuitive, easy, and most of all – reliable. Fax.Live works on all browsers, across all platforms – including tablet and mobile. No need to be tied down to a landline or in the office to send and receive faxes. Now you can fax anytime, anywhere with Fax.Live.

Streamline Communications with Advanced Digital Faxing

Personalized Phone Number
Fax.Live users can prevision a personal phone number for sending and receiving faxes. Provide this fax number as you would a landline fax number and Fax.Live will convert your faxes automatically into a digital PDF file.
Access Anywhere
Fax from your computer, tablet and even mobile phone! Simply use your devices web browser to log into Fax.Live with your account and send, view, print and download all if your fax transmissions anytime, anywhere. on any device.
Store all your Faxes
Fax.Live stores digital copies of all your sent and received faxes. No more need to store paper faxes the old fashioned way – or scan then into your computer when you receive them. Fax.Live saves all your transmissions in a universal PDF format in the cloud – accessible whenever and where ever you need it.
Fax Multiple Files
Need to send multiple PDF files in one fax? We’ve got you covered! Simply upload all the PDFs you want to send and Voila! – Fax.Live will merge your PDFs onto one faxable document!
Online Support
Got questions? Email our customer support team. We are fully located in the US and answer all questions within 24 hours. Even on the weekends!
Get a personalized phone number to send faxes from and receive faxes Access Fax.Live on mobile, tablet and desktop Store all your faxes in Fax.Live Cloud Storage Fax multiple PDF files at once Contact us at any time for online support
Fax Live Dashboard

Yesterday’s Technology – Using Today’s Innovations

While faxing technology may be considered archaic – our innovations are not. Using the most up-to-date telephony technology at our disposal, we have created an advanced system for sending and receiving faxes which brings faxing into the 21st Century. Our Technology identifies and ingests faxing data and then automatically transposes it to a modern, universal PDF format.

We also store copies of all your fax transmissions so you can easily recall them later. You can also review timestamps of transmissions, download copies of your faxes, create custom cover pages, and even fax via email – without even needing to log into our dashboard.

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