How to Send a Fax with Fax.Live

Sending a fax has never been easier than with Fax.Live

All you need is a PDF of what you want to send and Fax.Live does the rest. We even allow you to create your own custom cover pages to send along with your fax. Stop going to the store and paying per page to send a fax. The future of faxing is LIVE.

Send a Fax Fax Live Sending Modal

Steps to Send a Fax (Free Trial)

Step by Step Instructions

1Set up an Account
2Select a plan (monthly or annual)
3Enter your payment information (credit card, Google Pay, or Cash App Pay)
4Select Send New Fax to get started
5Upload PDF or Drag and Drop PDF files and follow the prompts
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Fax Live Dashboard

Fax.Live Features make Sending Faxes a Breeze

Send faxes without a fax machine
Fax.Live is easier to use than a fax machine! Click and drag your PDF and follow the prompts to send. It’s that easy. Seriously.
Send one or several files at a time
You can upload one or multiple PDFs to send via fax. Your Fax.Live dashboard provides live updates, and we’ll email you when your fax is complete.
Free cover sheet (optional)
We offer an optional online cover sheet form, where you may include your information and a brief message. No printing required.
Receive faxes too!
Your Fax.Live subscription includes the ability to send and receive faxes, plus unlimited storage.

Learn More About Sending Faxes

How can I send a fax from home?
The easiest way to send a fax from anywhere is to use Fax.Live. We’ve created an online fax service that is easy to use (we promise), fast, reliable and affordable. You don’t need to travel to the nearest office supply store to arrange to send a fax.
What types of files can I fax?
Fax.Live works with PDF files, which is the most versatile file format. If your file is in another format, you can use our app to scan your document and create a PDF. Or you can convert your document to PDF using an online PDF converter.
How much does it cost to send a single fax?
Fax.Live offers pricing for all ranges of faxing users. From the occasional user to the professional; you’ll find the perfect plan that is right for you. Each plan comes with a set number of pages to send and pages to receive each month. No matter which plan you choose, you’ll have access to all our features and services – NO RESTRICTIONS!
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