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Fax.Live offers the most convenient way to receive faxes on the internet.

Our simple, easy-to-use interface accepts faxes online on your behalf, so you don’t need a fax machine. We provide you with your own personal phone number. This phone number is unique to you and links directly with your Fax.Live account. Use it to send faxes too! Simply provide this phone number to anyone you wish to receive a fax from and let Fax.Live do the rest. The future of faxing is LIVE.

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How to Receive a Fax Today (7-day Free Trial)

Step by Step Instructions

1Set up an Account
2Select a plan (monthly or annual)
3Enter your payment information (credit card, Google Pay, or Cash App Pay)
4Your free personal fax number has been activated — share it with your contacts.
5Get an email receipt when your account receives new faxes.
6Download, print and save your faxes in your own cloud-based Fax.Live account.
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Fax.Live Features make Receiving Faxes a Breeze

No equipment required
Your Fax.Live account will accept faxes online, whether they’re sent from fax machines or by electronic fax.
Free personal fax number
Create an online account and get a dedicated, free fax number that is yours to use as long as your account is active.
Easy to receive faxes digitally
Fax.Live is easy to use (much easier than fax machines!). When you receive an email notification, click to download or print.
Send faxes too!
When you create an account with Fax.Live, your subscription includes the ability to receive and send faxes.

Learn More About How to Receive a Fax

Where can I receive a fax?
Wondering where to go to receive a fax? You no longer need to drive to an office supply or make arrangements with a professional printing and shipping service to receive faxes. With Fax.Live’s online faxing service, the farthest you need to travel is to the nearest computer.
Can I really receive a fax online safely?
With Fax.Live’s web-based fax service, you can receive faxes anywhere you have an internet connect. As long as your internet connection is secure, your received faxes are secure. Only you will have access to your account, and we don’t share your information with third-party vendors.
How does’s fax receiving service work?
As incoming faxes are sent to your phone number, our system receives the transmitted data and automatically converts it to a universal PDF file format. From there you can print, forward, email, or just view all your faxes. NO paper or fax machine required!
How much does it cost to accept a web fax?
Fax.Live offers pricing for all ranges of faxing users. From the occasional user – to the professional; you’ll find the perfect plan that is right for you. Each plan comes with an allotment of sending and receiving pages per month. Best part is, no matter what plan you choose, you’ll have access to all our features and services – NO RESTRICTIONS!
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